Early stage bad pitch, great learnings

Key points

What makes up a good early stage pitch
  1. The pitch needs to be anchored in the problem eg,
Americans’ floors are dirty because they walk in and they’ve got dirt on the bottom of their shoes from outside. And so they've got all this dirt on their floors.

2. Next you cover

how much money are people paying to solve this problem today? And how much time or hassle is it costing them?

3. Then you show how your product addresses this problem with significantly less time and money

4. Then present your early adopter and why they are so motivated to buy your thing

we're gonna start with households who have young children because it's, like, such a pain to get kids shoes on and off. And so if they just have to walk across this sticky mat, it happens automatically

What is good about it?

  • Bad pitch but good learnings