Elements of AI

Elements of AI

Elements of AI - A free AI course for everyone!

(A free course in the theory and practical elements of AI for the general public)

The Elements of AI free course is offered by Minna Learn, better known as Helsinki University. The course was designed with the intention of getting 1% of the Worlds population ready for the future of work and is offered in multiple languages such as Gaelic, Greek, French, Croatian, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Portugal and at least a dozen others.

It’s self paced and once signed up you can join the Online Community to post and answer questions, interact with other students and teachers from Minna Learning.

Like all courses it builds on the knowledge from previous sections/chapters

The content is written in the easiest way possible given that a lot of the sub-topics can be scientifically and mathematically dense when compared to other online resources and the course is written in two parts, both of which are independent of each other, so if all you want is the theory part, you can do just that.

Each chapter (see below), is designed and expected to take 4 - 8 hours to compete and you can save you progress and come back at any time.

Introduction to AI

An introduction to the history of AI, theory and substrates that are the framework of modern AI

  • Chapter 1 - What is AI?
  • Chapter 2 - AI problem solving
  • Chapter 3 - Real world AI
  • Chapter 4 - Machine learning
  • Chapter 5 - Neural networks
  • Chapter 6 - Implications

Building AI

A course that follows on the first where you can apply your knowledge and build AI online (via your browser of choice), to learn by doing and build your AI based on the samples and knowledge learned in the ‘Introduction to AI’ course.

  • Chapter 1 - Getting started with AI?
  • Chapter 2 - Dealing with uncertainty
  • Chapter 3 - Machine learning
  • Chapter 4 - Neural networks
  • Chapter 5 - Conclusion


This course has been accessed via multiple browsers without significant issue, including ‘incognito’ or ‘private’ modes with Waterfox (a Firefox fork), Microsoft Edge and Brave (chromium based) and TOR.

Starting this course was a little intimidating at first, but the goal was to learn more about AI as it’s investor bait and what it actually was, so that I can better understand conversations about AI as well as better answer questions I might get for my startup around AI. Deciding that it wasn’t important to get a passing grade or result as the key term was to learn about AI. I know I might be the person implementing it, but most likely it will be rewritten by others and I just needed to have a better understanding it.