Founding Strava - Focus on a niche


Key points


Strava executive chairman Mark Gainey and his co-founder Mike Horvath came up with the idea for Stava in the mid-1990s, but weren’t able to make their vision a reality until 2009, when mobile and GPS technology reached an inflection point. In the meantime, they built Kana Communications into a business that earned a valuation of more than $10 billion. When they returned to the “virtual lockerroom” idea that became Strava, they made a crucial decision: They would focus their go-to-market strategy on passionate road cyclists, and build a fierce loyalty with that group before expanding to other sports categories. Gainey explains four core aspect of Strava’s “inch wide, mile deep” approach to engaging early customers.

Startups can take a long time
Sometimes startups are too early
Lesson 1: Engage first, just start having conversations
Focus on one niche and go really deep with them "Inch wide and a mile deep"
The goal is not sales, the goal is a conversation, make early adopters your partners, obsess about engagement with customers
Best source of growth was word of mouth