Brainstorm & ideation

One specific strategy for imagining is brainstorming. While brainstorming is used widely in business, Tom Kelley argues that it is undervalued in the larger culture. He suggests that the way toward a great idea is by having many ideas, and the way to have many ideas is to brainstorm. He starts by describing what brainstorming is not: it is not a regular meeting or a formal presentation to take notes on. People do not speak in an orderly fashion or for long amounts of time. Instead, good brainstorming sessions start with a well-articulated purpose and are playful, so that people can work to leverage one another’s insights. The point of brainstorming is to help stretch mental muscles.

Kelley, The Art of Innovation

Key points

Brainstorming is just a component of ideation but the skill needs work
The goal is to not converge on the same answers ie. divergent thinking
Creatives aren't always thinking divergently