GitLab Employment Templates: Onboarding, Offboarding & Internal Transition

This project folder is exclusively for managing the templates for the following issues:

The issues itself are created in the Team Member Epics group.

If you want to contribute, you can make a merge request on this project and someone from the People Experience team will review and merge when ready.

Some tips:

  • if the tasks are specific (country, division, department, entity) then don't put them in the general template, but either edit or add the specific template. For example:
    • if an onboarding task needs to be added for the People Success department, you go look for the department_people_success.md file. If this doesn't exist yet, you create it in the onboarding_tasks directory.
    • if you want to update an existing offboarding task for the engineering dvision, you go look for the division_engineering.md file.
  • If the specific file doesn't exist yet, it always needs to be in this format: key_value.md. With key being any of the following: country, entity, division, department, role and value being whatever the country, entity, .. etc is. Note that for the automation to work, the values need to be exact with what is on BambooHR. So department_sdr.md won't work because this department doesn't exist.
  • When you're stuck or need help, feel free to ask in #peopleops channel on Slack.