re:Work - Support your managers with these re:Work tools


There’s no question that managers matter to your organization: research shows that managers can significantly impact business outcomes and the employee experience. Develop and support your managers with these tools from re:Work.

  • Manager feedback survey [Google Forms survey] - Managers need actionable feedback to understand how they’re doing and how they can develop. Use this sample Manager Feedback Survey from Google to gather developmental feedback for your managers.
  • New manager training course materials [slides, facilitator guide, and student workbook] - Learning to manage other people does not necessarily come naturally when someone becomes a manager. Management is a set of skills that can be taught. Review Google’s new manager training materials and adapt them to your organization’s culture and needs.
  • Career conversation worksheet [document] - Google encourages managers to have regular, dedicated career conversations with employees. Help your managers structure these conversations with this simple conversation framework.
  • “One Simple Thing” worksheet [document] - Google's best managers show care for their teams not just professionally but personally as well. Managers can use this popular goal-setting practice to openly discuss non-work goals with team members.
  • 1:1 meeting agenda template [document] - Frequent meetings with individual team members give managers a regular opportunity to provide feedback and guidance. This meeting agenda template can help your managers hold effective 1:1 (“one-on-one”) meetings.

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