The GitLab Remote Playbook

GitLab’s Remote Playbook comprehensively answers a simple question: “How do I work well remotely?”

Due to global issues concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus), many teams face a new reality: They're remote, and they’re unsure when they’ll be able to return to the office.

For many leaders, the question of "How do we do this?" is a giant one. Whether it's unwinding from offices entirely and going all-remote, or attempting to level the playing field for in-office and remote team members in a hybrid-remote arrangement, leaders should consider key forcing functions to ensure a commitment to remote-first practices.

What you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • Immediate tactics to build remote fluency
  • Key steps every remote worker should take
  • How to turn chaos into opportunity with long-term vision

Download the eBook now to stabilize your work-from-home team and dive deep on topics including asynchronous workflows, meetings, informal communication, and management.