New Manager check list - Gitlab

Your first few months as a manager here at GitLab can be exhilarating. It can also be challenging, especially when you need to quickly identify what is important for your success.

This new manager issue is a launchpad, and it connects you with crucial information about being a manager at GitLab. It has been designed to ensure you start your journey as a manager with all the resources and training available.

Items on this issue are identified as either required or suggested.

  • Required items should be completed by all new GitLab managers.

  • Suggested items are optional. They may not be applicable to your style or team dynamic. Experiment with them for a few days or weeks. If you discover a useful practice or resources outside of this list, please submit a merge request to add it.

Since this checklist will evolve, please use the commit history to monitor changes. Major changes will be communicated via the company call and slack.

Your contributions as a new manager are essential, submit a merge request as ideas arise. If you have any questions about items on this checklist, please comment on this issue.

First Week


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3


Admin Tasks (People Group, L&D, etc)